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The Big 4 of Thrash Metal (english)

Actualizado: 8 de dic de 2020

The Big Four of Thrash Metal was the name given to the four most influential American bands on the metal scene in the mid-1980s. The Big 4 are Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica, and Slayer. Trash is a style/subgenre within Heavy Metal. It has its origins in punk and NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) and was, both aesthetically and musically, a response diametrically opposed to Glam Metal. In turn, Thrash was one of the styles that gave rise to Death Metal and other styles of Extreme Metal. Much has been written and spoken trying to answer whether Megadeth is indeed better than Metallica. The eternal combat of two greatest heavyweights in metal, where surely there will be no lack of disruptive defense from some outraged Slayer fanatic minority. Anthrax, in a way, has been a bit on the sidelines of this discussion and has been more musically versatile than the other big three. Let's start the analysis: At the time of writing these lines Slayer is the only band that is not active: in 2019 they announced their retirement, which they accompanied with a profitable world tour and farewell film. In turn, it is the largest that has released fewer studio albums, considering that Anthrax is currently working on a new release for 2020. For its part, Megadeth is the most prolific band in terms of long-lasting studio releases. refers.

Metallica and Slayer have been the pioneers, both bands released their first albums - "Kill 'em All" and "Show No Mercy" respectively - in 1983. Anthrax released their firstborn (Fistful Of Metal) the following year and, "Killing Is My Business ... "by Megadeth was first released in 1985.

The graphics show that the Thrash has had two stages, well-marked: a. From the beginning to 1991 b. From 1992 onwards. In the first stage (1983-1991) the performance of the 4, as a whole, has been very good. Metallica has been the one who has been mainly in the lead, to a greater extent thanks to his works "Ride The Lightning" (1984) and "Master of Puppets" (1986).

From 1992 to date, overall performance fell significantly, Metallica has had very low points, none has stood out above the rest, and clear leadership is no longer appreciated.

In general terms, which band has had its best average performance, from the beginning to date?

Anthrax: 3,25 / 5,00

Megadeth: 3,46 / 5,00

Metallica: 3,58 / 5,00

Slayer: 3,56 / 5,00

The average scores of each artist show that it is indeed Metallica who has had the best career although, in contrast, it has been the one with the greatest sustained decline, mainly motivated by poor albums such as St. Anger and Lulu. All the bands have released mediocre works although they have been Slayer, and mostly Anthrax, who have had a more stable career.

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